Welcome to Simpact

At Simpact, our most important goal is fostering relationships. We offer user-friendly systems that were specifically designed with you and your patients in mind, no matter your area of specialty, coupled with unmatched client support. We proudly provide educational programs and opportunities for our clients to participate in the design and development process of our products.

Simpact was founded by engineers with 40 years of combined medical device experience. Building on the success of their previous endeavors, they uncovered a clinical need and are providing a solution for today’s dental implant market. The Simpact system was created as a result of innovative thinking, input from countless dental professionals, and clinically driven product performance testing.

Our core values rely on four cornerstones: contemporary dental design, ease of use, excellent clinical results, and superior client support. Here at Simpact, research is ongoing to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of implant technology. Our reliable team is dedicated to providing you, the dental professional, with the information and service that are needed to perform procedures with the utmost assurance so that you can extend that confidence to your patients.